1st web page 20 years ago today….

What would we do without instant news in the palm of our hands, online shopping and Linked-In? August 6th, 1991, the world wide web was born. Think about how it has impacted our lives in 20 years. It’s amazing to think about its impact in another 20.

My recent article for WEALTH Magazine

Why Sharing Is the New Normal for Business (edited for a general audience) In just the past few years, collaboration has evolved from a competitive advantage to a necessity.We consumers are demanding more certainty when we buy something. Social media-driven technology, combined with increased expectations about certainty, has begun to monetize trust. Tying these two […]

An Additional Way to Look at Reality

I’m reading an article in Fast Company about Ryan Trecartin, the first art genius of the YouTube age. Two of his comments are intriguing: 1. … And he prefers to hear about books rather than read them. “I’m more interested in the response than the source. I’m interested in the interaction.” 2. “We know all […]

How to Explain the New “Normal”

Remember Game 6 of the NBA Finals? The Mavericks had to leave everything on the court during those 48 minutes to win. Had they given anything less, they would have lost. That is where the bar is set in business now. It has made many business people uncomfortable, they don’t like it and they are in denial. What […]

The New “Normal” is CollaborAction

In just the past few years collaboration has evolved from competitive advantage for those who leverage it to being a necessity.We consumers are demanding more and more certainty when we buy something. Social media-driven technology combined with increased expectations about certainty have begun to monetize trust. Tying these two thoughts together, your ability to collaborate […]

“Resolution” of Executive Coaching

While visiting with my colleague, Alan Weiss recently he made a point. Senior executives running organizations know what to do, its just a matter of doing it. For example, he mentioned, we don’t need another book on how to lose weight, we need resolution.  He defines resolution as focus, discipline and accountability. An executrive coach should do […]

Seeing is Believing and Buying

I started life with a new dentist today and the visit brought something back into focus. You have to SHOW value. She took the usual x-rays and something new – color photos, including one with a “tooth shade sample” to document the color of my teeth at this point in time! Brilliant…. Using a large, […]

New Challenge or Old Hat, It Doesn’t Matter One Bit

I produce a coaching group for raising the bar on business development and they are called Business Development Leadership Groups and they are delivered via WebEx TeleForums. The participants are experienced executives that are self-motivated and the energy level in the last TeleForum was uncharacteristically low. It may have been that particular day, the content or […]

Bitcoins are Proof You Can Create Reality

A Bitcoin is a fast-rising, global currency (its value has increased 200,000% in the past year). It is electronic money that can change hands without the need of a financial institution. More than $500,000 of the coins changed hands in a recent 24 hour period Bitcoin operates as a peer-to-peer network, there is not “site” so it can’t […]

This Really is Positive if You Think About it

I’ve triangulated the following thought from the Wall Street Journal, colleagues in the capital markets and my own observations and experiences working with commercial property owners, bankers, architects, engineers & contractors – business is in for a huge test starting in 2012. The other “shoe” still has not dropped in the commercial loan world. Business and government are […]

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