Definition of a Thought Leader

1. A person/firm that focuses on a particular industry (e.g. construction) or body of knowledge that reaches across industries (e.g. coaching) on a distinct topic (dramatically building builders or creating lasting behavior change in senior-level executives).2. Generates innovative ideas and is often a contrarian.3. Continues to add to an already impressive body of work around […]

What’s remarkable about Marshall Goldsmith?

Marshall Goldsmith is widely considered to be the preiminent executive coach in the U.S. I was one of a small group of 13 people to spend time with him last week in Palm Beach, Florida discussing Thought Leadership. Here are reasons why Marshall is a Thought Leader: All of his intellectual property is free for […]


Safety professionals are specifically trained to keep their eyes on their surroundings at all times in order to act on what they see. If their eyes are down, they cannot be aware of what’s going-on around them. If their eyes are up they can detect smoke from a building in the distance, observe a person’s […]

There’s Always Hope

Next time you feel overwhelmed or stuck, use this four-question tool to regain your momentum. 1. What outcome do I want to improve and why did I select that outcome?2. Who do I need to influence in order to improve that outcome?3. What do I need to influence them to think about?4.How am I going […]

How to Improve Your Thinking – Your Most Important Activity Which You Spend The Least Amount of Time Perfecting

Many of us have reduced our thinking to a rushed, opportunistic and linear activity.Thinking today is driven by pressure for immediate action, and action unfortunately drives out thought. Our goal should be to avoid worrying about action and concentrate on a few insights. Then, act on the highest leverage opportunities (3-5 things that produce 80% […]

How to Find Speaking Opportunities

Local professional associations are always looking for speakers who can add value to their members. Send a short description of your topics to the contact person responsible for programming and offer to fill a gap in their schedule or ask them to call if they have a last minute cancellation. They will appreciate your interest […]

How Valuable is Speaking in the Business World?

People often ask this question –“How do I move away from competing solely on price? My clients say there are other considerations, but at the end of the day I still feel my client picks the lowest bidder.” What other value are you delivering that differentiates you from your competitors? Speaking is one of the […]

How to Get Un-stuck

A colleague of mine has an index card standing-up next to his computer. He wrote a goal on it six months ago and he still hasn’t made any progress toward accomplishing the goal. This is someone I’d consider a motivated person. So, what prevents a motivated person from tackling an important goal? Maybe he needs […]

How to Make People Like You Immediately

Here’s an idea you can instantly put into practice. Before you greet someone, slow-down, resist the urge to fill-in the silence with the sound of your voice, focus on the other person and smile before you speak. The first few seconds of an interaction with another person usually sets the tone of the interaction. Also, […]

Gaining The Ethics Edge

A few quick stats: • 90% of managers rank themselves in the top 10% of ethical performers. Mathematically, this is not possible.• Less than 10% of managers have ever received more than one hour of ethics training in their entire career. What’s the purpose of a Code of Ethics really? Ethics should not be treated […]