Attitudes Are The Only Real Disabilities

I dropped-off our babysitter at her apartment a few days ago and the thoughts she created are still with me. The babysitter’s name is Rosa. She is our 75 year-old former nanny. On the drive to her apartment (Rosa does not own a car) she updated me on what she had been doing the last […]

If You Really Want Someone to Read Something, Then…

Nobody reads anymore. They scan. If people scan and if pictures (business process visuals) are worth at least a few hundred words, why don’t we use pictures more to communicate with others? My bet is that when someone scans a process visual they slow-down enough to read (probably because there’s a few hundred words to absorb)… For example, […]

The “First Touch” is the Most Important One

In soccer, the first touch by a player in possession of the ball determines the success of the entire possession. The first touch could be a shot on the goal with the intention to score, it could be a pass to a teammate or the player could dribble. The result could be scoring (or not), […]

What is Sainthood and Why Should You Care?

Sainthood is being everything on earth you were put here to be. Every writing career starts as a personal quest for sainthood, for self-betterment. Sooner or later, and as a rule quite soon, a man discovers that his pen accomplishes a lot more than his soul. – Joseph Brodsky, Russian-born U.S. poet & critic

A Moon Set?

It was ~6:45 this morning (cold and wintry). I was parked, doing some work in the car before participating in an early-morning business event. I was evidently on high-ground. I looked-up for a moment and saw the most beautiful, unobstructed “moon set” in the west. I turned the other direction out of curiousity and took-in the […]

The Speed of Sudden Confidence

As recent as yesterday, people I spoke with lamented that while we’re past the “bottoming-out” point in our economy, it looks like a long road back… Suddenly, today, the headlines read “20% jump in home starts in 2011,” “U.S. expects higher than predicted GDP growth in each quarter of 2011” and “Intel reported its best quarterly […]

Off the Deep End. Again.

When is the last time you stretched out of your comfort zone and went off the deep end? Although a life-long exerciser, I never swam. Today I followed-through on a promise to myself to add swimming to my exercise regimen. A straight-hour of swimming… I have alot of confidence as a weightlifter, runner, soccer player, […]

New Year’s Experiment

I was at the local YMCA today just a few blocks from our house and it was packed to the rafters with motivated weightlifters, treadmill patrons, cyclers and zumba dancers like it is every January. Just a month ago you could have rolled a medicine ball down the middle of the building and not have […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

It drives some people crazy when they walk into the bathroom and find the cap off of the toothpaste tube. I stumbled upon this scene in the children’s bathroom at my house recently… a few tubes of toothpaste (why two!) squeezed empty at their midsections and four caps strewn over the bathroom countertop. Sometimes we have to […]

More on Thought Leadership

I was speaking to a colleague yesterday and something they said struck me. Thought Leadership is a direction. Thought leaders tend to have a significant body of work (because of the direction they went previously) and continue to be thought leaders because of their progression in an uncharted direction.