How to Become a Competent Speaker in One Day

Many people are intimidated by public speaking. They do not believe they have the knowledge or skill. You can become a good speaker in one day by following the steps below. The more specific your industry or subject focus, the better. You must also have a specific connection to your subject through education, experience or […]

Coaching is not just for problems.

As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive, organizations have come to recognize coaching, as a valued tool that helps key people in the organization be the best they can be. The coach and the coachee work together with urgency and creative energy to find and utilize the best solutions to reach high-impact goals. Below is an […]

Giving Value or Reciprocity? How Do You Use Both Ethically and Effectively in Business?

These concepts are not clearly distinct in the minds of most people. What is the difference? The premise of giving value in business is to grow relationships whereas reciprocity is only interested in acquiring clients. Giving Value Only focus on the best potential clients and existing clients you would would like to work with and […]

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