There’s no such thing as “soft skills”

They’re all skills. You measure them the same. What if you wanted to improve your coaching skills? Why? You increase the effectiveness of those who work for you? What happens now? You give others the answer or do it for them. What if you trained them to do it themselves through your improved coaching? How […]

What was your “finish” time?

I run a half marathon race with my father ever year (father/son activity) and I’m often asked what my “finish” time was. My reply everytime is that I don’t know. I’m not interested in my finish time. It takes a few seconds, but eventually they recognize their is more value to competing aside from winning. […]

What You Learn at Funerals

I was at a funeral today for a woman who “always wanted to be a mom.” Everyone was there (all 300 people) becuase of the type of example she set as a human being. WOW. There was no other reason to be there. She was not a CEO of a company, a political figure or […]

Zipping Along

Zip line during the day is already a rush (speeding through the tree tops like a bird). Zip line at night (with a head light on) is a completely different experience as you can imagine… My eight-year-old son and I experienced a “Warrior Weekend.” The theme made the weekend “cool” and focused on the Father-Son […]

Powerful Metaphor for Leadership

In a string quartet, all four musicians are trained to move certain ways for technical reasons specific to their type of instrument to produce the perfect note (sound). For example, let’s consider the cellist. The cellist is hunched-over their instrument, head-down, making jerky, distracting movements (they are connected to themselves as cellists). Isolated, this behavior […]

Another Example of Self-Absorption

In the Fast Company Article – “Robots are Changing the Future of Telecommuting” the case presented is that “bots” are the next evolution of staying connected. Wake-up. This is not the direction we need to go. Increased connectivity equals less presence (especially presence of mind). Instead of continuing to hurtle forward into the awareness abyss, […]

Facilitation Golden Rule – Create “Raw Material” for Innovation

I was facilitating a “user group” for a client this morning. They were looking for product innovation. The user group submitted a list of requests to my client of product enhancements they wanted. These users weren’t enthusiastic about “digging-up, dusting-off or uncovering” innovative ideas by asking questions around these product enhancement requests. They want the […]

Definition of a Thought Leader

1. A person/firm that focuses on a particular industry (e.g. construction) or body of knowledge that reaches across industries (e.g. coaching) on a distinct topic (dramatically building builders or creating lasting behavior change in senior-level executives).2. Generates innovative ideas and is often a contrarian.3. Continues to add to an already impressive body of work around […]

What’s remarkable about Marshall Goldsmith?

Marshall Goldsmith is widely considered to be the preiminent executive coach in the U.S. I was one of a small group of 13 people to spend time with him last week in Palm Beach, Florida discussing Thought Leadership. Here are reasons why Marshall is a Thought Leader: All of his intellectual property is free for […]


Safety professionals are specifically trained to keep their eyes on their surroundings at all times in order to act on what they see. If their eyes are down, they cannot be aware of what’s going-on around them. If their eyes are up they can detect smoke from a building in the distance, observe a person’s […]