How to Make People Like You Immediately

Here’s an idea you can instantly put into practice. Before you greet someone, slow-down, resist the urge to fill-in the silence with the sound of your voice, focus on the other person and smile before you speak. The first few seconds of an interaction with another person usually sets the tone of the interaction. Also, […]

Gaining The Ethics Edge

A few quick stats: • 90% of managers rank themselves in the top 10% of ethical performers. Mathematically, this is not possible.• Less than 10% of managers have ever received more than one hour of ethics training in their entire career. What’s the purpose of a Code of Ethics really? Ethics should not be treated […]

7 Rainmaking Habits of Effective and Efficient Executives

We each have good habits that serve us well and poor habits that make life harder than it should be. The following habits will help you generate more revenue, work less and increase your effectiveness. 1. Read for 15 minutes or more every day. You may be thinking, “I hardly have enough time to eat […]

The Art of Questioning – Share yours!

Through the Elevate publication, we will create conversations about the “art of questioning” from different angles. Throughout 2010, I invite you to contact me to share your reactions, statistics, stories and your own tools. I plan to include as much of your content as possible in Elevate in the months ahead. Angles we will consider […]

How to Develop People Faster: Moving From Defense to Offense with Professional Development

Most organizations talk about the importance of developing their people, but they have little or nothing on paper that systematizes this process. In addition, there is no recognizable, specific outcome they are looking to achieve. They are defensive minded. An example of a defensive minded move is sending someone to a government mandated training to […]

Making Money Today

There Are Organizations Right Now Making More Money Than Ever Before. Find Out How. Even considering the weak economy, there are organizations out there making a lot of money. These organizations have mastered one principle from a 100 year-old book. This book has sold more copies than any book in history except for the Bible. […]

What are the Dimensions of Strategy?

As your organization’s strategy evolves it is important to make sure all of the dimensions continue to be addressed. Below is a helpful checklist. Does your current strategy: 1. Determine and reveal the organizational purpose in terms of long-term objectives, action programs and resource allocation priorities? 2. Clearly identify the businesses the organization is in […]

9 Tips for Becoming The Rock Star of Project Management

Next time you are preparing to lead a new project, sit down and make some notes on ways you could improve. Here are some suggestions. 1. Consider the basic personalities on the team and adjust your management style accordingly in regards to day-to-day project activity. For example, discuss with the perfectionist on the team that […]

Quick Reference Guide: Achieving Similar Results in Your Organization (Part 2)

1. Know the distinctions between therapy, consulting, mentoring and coaching. 2. Use executive coach-like behavior, which is collaborative, or football coach-like behavior which is directive depending on what the situation calls for. The more often you are collaborative, the more effective you are. 3. Before you coach a person in your organization, check yourself against […]

Quick Reference Guide: How an Executive Coach Achieves Results (part 1)

Executive coaching skills are the most potent sales and management tools you could possibly acquire. These advanced techniques will help you create exceptional results, regardless of whether you plan to actively coach your team or leverage your background and experience to optimize your personal effectiveness. My personal interest in coaching arose in the course of […]