This is the Business Leadership Excellence 2×2. If we take the mind, which is the WHAT on the x-axis and the heart, which is the WHY on the y-axis, we’re able to create a quad chart. We want to get to the upper right quadrant which is high mind – we know WHAT we’re doing and high heart – we know WHY we’re doing it. Once we get in the upper right quadrant, we get to focus on the question of HOW or how we stay there.

Again, the x-axis is what I call the mind. It’s WHAT you’re doing. It’s strategy execution if you’re an organization, and day to day performance if you’re an individual.

The y-axis is what I call the heart. It’s WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. It’s the culture if you’re an organization and identity if you’re an individual.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably already started to place yourself in the upper right quadrant – high mind and high heart. Before we can plot where we really are on the 2×2 however, and start to work towards the upper right quadrant, we have to know WHO we are.

The biggest obstacle you and your organization faces to reaching the upper right quadrant either individually or organizationally is when your perceived WHO is out of sync with your real WHO.

Sync-up. Here’s how you reach the upper right quadrant and business leadership excellence.

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