I just turned 50 and in my mind I’m as fit as anyone walking around town. When I’m pressed for time and I can only do a short workout, I’ll shoot for 200 burpees, 20 per set, every 2 minutes for 20 minutes. I usually make it to +/- 185 because I simply run out of gas and need extra rest.

Yesterday, my 12 year-old started this habit for the new year and I suggested 10 per set. He chose to do 15 instead and I did them with him. He could have done 20…  BAM! This made me pause….

The point is when we judge, we are wrong more times than we know. It’s a blind spot.

Bonus – meaningful accountability helps everyone achieve more than they could on their own.

Share a 2018 goal of yours with everyone you know and ask them to ask you about it regularly to help you achieve it faster.

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