If you want something to improve, you have to do something to improve it.

I have a friend who wanted to improve his relationship with his wife. You know what he did? He started taking his wife on a date every Monday night. They haven’t missed a date night in 14 years and they have a very good relationship.

Do you want to improve strategy execution? Culture enhances strategy execution.

How do you catalyze culture to enhance strategy execution? The 3rd of 4 ways is to include a cultural strategy in your strategic plan. 

Put 2 flip chart sheets on the wall and ask your team members to list everything that helps your culture and hinders it. Next, vote by placing an adhesive dot next to the single most important item to act on, either a help or hinder. The single item with the most votes becomes your cultural strategy to pair with your operational strategies in your strategic plan.

My mission? To catalyze great strategy execution in every organization.

Before you add culture to enhance strategy and produce higher quality results, you have to become a significant leader –  https://lnkd.in/eyTHtSV

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