Bad Help

What is bad help? Bad help is 1. supporting change and 2. not wanting to start with ourselves. In other words, our lips say ‘yes’ and our actions say ‘no’. We all do it without realizing during times of conflict. I was at a Seek Change event last week and one of the small groups […]

Template for Collaborating ‘In the Moment’ and Exercise #10 of 25+

In the heat of the moment, how do you stay collaborative? Especially when your money or pride is at stake? The ‘how’ is to stay cool, but ‘how’ do you do that specifically? 1. Empty yourself of pride. 2. Smile, at least with your eyes… You have a better shot at staying collaborative if you […]

Awareness of When Your Talent/Strength Turns into a Weakness

Last Thursday, the project team members that had finished their part of the project came for their last weekly team huddle. We went around the room and each team member had the opportunity to share a final ‘highlight and/or hitch’ – something that had gone well during the project so far and/or something that hadn’t. […]

Collaboration From An Owners Perspective – The Alta Vista Project – View #2

View #2 – Less is More Most of us have done construction on our house or know someone who has. It’s not unusual when the market is hot – like it is today, for a subcontractor to leave a project unfinished, never to return even though they hadn’t collected the last payment… If the project […]

Collaboration From An Owners Perspective – The Alta Vista Project – View #1

View #1 – We Don’t Need Perfection, Only Success AND Satisfaction. The residential construction market in Dallas is strong today. Most capable contractors have as much work as they can possibly handle. Also, I’m not a serial builder like a hospital or a commercial building developer. I’m renovating and adding-on to a home. Everyone knows […]