It’s NOT a Wonderful Life

How many times have you seen the Christmas classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with Jimmy Stewart playing the main character – George Bailey? Why does this movie endure?… IT’S A WAKE-UP CALL. It’s a call to excellence. A result of achieving excellence is being happy today, at this moment and every moment thereafter. Excellence? You’ve […]

Getting to the Airport Faster

When I returned my rental car to the airport last week, I was approached by a man in a bright yellow vest. He introduced himself as Jesse, informed me he worked for the rental car company, and asked if he could take me to the terminal in the car I had just returned. I looked […]

Your life: are you moving in the right direction?

1. Only do things that take you towards your ‘WHY’ and mission. Read them frequently. 2. Your answer to ‘WHY’ you do what you do should be how you serve others. It has nothing to do with money, power or reputation. What is your ‘BIG WHY’? Without it your life is devoid of purpose. 3. […]

If You’re Not Characterized as ‘Un-Collaborative’ it Doesn’t Mean You Are

At Home Johnny isn’t a bad kid… At least he doesn’t do drugs! What does this mean? This is classic justification for not being what all of us are called to be – our best. Our best is using our talents to play our role in the world as well as dutifully bearing the burdens […]

Collaboration in Action to Solve an Issue

Sometimes someone will share how to do something, but they don’t really share ‘how’. For example, in a recent, well-written article by Justin Reynolds he shares how collaboration engages remotely located employees and distributed workforces, but he doesn’t really share ‘how’ – how do you increase collaboration among these employees to then increase their engagement? […]

Extraordinary Collaboration = Big-Picture Thinking

Sometimes we need a ‘jolt’ to keep us moving on the collaboration expedition we’ve undertaken… Here’s an idea: Collaboration calls on us to do so, even in the face of those who are behaving exactly the opposite of collaborative. This is called ‘extraordinary collaboration’. How do you practice extraordinary collaboration? 1. It’s important to note […]

Collaborating Effectively: Decoding What ‘Poor in Spirit’ Means…

During the Christmas season, there’s time for reflection. Let’s reflect on being ‘poor in spirit’ and decode what it really means. The reason I suggest this reflection is because to collaborate effectively, we have to be ‘poor in spirit’. ‘Poor in spirit’ is code for humility, which is the ability to empty yourself of pride […]

Template for Collaborating ‘In the Moment’ and Exercise #10 of 25+

In the heat of the moment, how do you stay collaborative? Especially when your money or pride is at stake? The ‘how’ is to stay cool, but ‘how’ do you do that specifically? 1. Empty yourself of pride. 2. Smile, at least with your eyes… You have a better shot at staying collaborative if you […]

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #5 of 25+

How to Talk Collaboratively With Anyone I have used this little gem of a collaborative conversation tool daily for 25 years. Conversation focused on the other person is the grist for collaborating effectively. It helps you keep the conversation meaningful (focused on the other person). You ask the other person about their family or their […]

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #4 of 25+

How to Answer The Call to Collaborate – Creating Ground Rules There are 5 bases to cover to collaborate effectively. You have to start by doing your own work by creating ground rules. Down the road we’ll chat about creating rules of engagement. Please read this article and use this example of ground rules to […]