Does Achieving Your Best-Self Occur?

I believe achieving your best self matters because we want happiness. Happiness, in my opinion, is a result of achieving our best- self, it’s not something you pursue. So how does achieving your best-self occur? THAT’S the big question… I believe SERVING OUR PURPOSE IN LIFE AND BUILDING CHARACTER is how our best-self occurs. In […]


THE BUSINESS OF BUSINESS IS PEOPLE – Herb Kelleher. I’ve been ‘that guy or gal’ in both of the examples below. The irony is the hardest thing to do is schedule time to execute the second example… Some say, with their actions, the business of business is business, not people. What’s an example? Investing in […]

Do It For The Wrong Reason

DO IT FOR THE WRONG REASON Isn’t it better to do something good for the wrong reason than not at all? For example, practicing something good like virtue, to be more ‘effective’, rather than to build stronger character, which some might say is practicing virtue for the wrong reason. Our minds can go many different […]

What’s Crumbling Beneath Your Feet?

‘Successful business people stand on ground that is crumbling beneath their feet’ – Joseph Schumpeter Like you, I’ve encountered this quote several times over the years and I don’t think I really ever understood what it meant. For some reason, I paused when I saw it this week and gave it some thought. What does […]

Is Character a Muscle?

I had a conversation with my family about character a few weeks ago and one of my kids used the phrase ‘bad character’. I struggle with how to explain that, in my opinion, there is no such thing as bad character because character can only be good. Why? Because I feel people are good by […]

Ironic or Moronic?

Why is it, that we give great, usable feedback (I think) and don’t ask for it enough ourselves? This week I received some feedback from a colleague on messaging for the I recently formed with a group of colleagues. After making changes using their feedback, I thought to myself, how come I haven’t asked […]

You’ve Got a Persona Problem

In marketing, one of the current buzz-words is ‘persona’. Persona? For example, you create a persona of your best client so you can tailor your marketing efforts towards those that match that persona. For the marketing folks out there – am I missing anything? OK, so your persona is made-up many things and some of […]


Yesterday was a long day like most of us experience weekly. It started at 5am to finish preparing for an 8am meeting. It ended with being a timer at a youth swim meet for 3 hours and then accompanying one of my kids at almost 10pm, who’d been hired by one of the neighbors to […]


How many times a week do I ‘take the bait’? What I mean is how many times do I respond to emotion with some of our own and achieve less than the desired result? How do I stop it? On the last mile, on the last day of a grueling, 10-day canoeing trip in the […]

What Our Leisure Reveals About Us

What does our leisure reveal about us? Here’s what I think – it reveals who we really are. How?, It reveals what we do when we’re not ‘on stage’. Leisure is what we do when no one is looking… I believe getting our leisure right is how we get our work right. There’s a hierarchy […]

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