Responses When Someone Questions Your Credibility

For example, the industries where I have the deepest experience the last few years are commercial design, construction and healthcare. I’m not a content expert. I’m not an architect, engineer, general contractor or physician (although I’ve been told I could play one on television). What I can bring is process expertise in leadership, strategy and […]

Opportunity to Laugh

Collaboration Today is Like Going Back to the Future

You’ve probably heard the term ‘master builder’. This role existed until about 100 years ago. The era of the master builder was characterized by integrated construction projects. The quality was great, the cost was low and there were no lawsuits. Today, that era is slowly returning with the help of increasing knowledge of how to […]

How Do ‘They’ Work

I was in a meeting yesterday and a contact at a client organization shared that they were asked by the president to check-in with a project team I’m working with on how to collaborate more to know ‘how it was going’. The project manager for the team replied to the contact that ‘he’s working with […]

Is Success the Same as Satisfaction?

I’m preparing to kick-off collaboration with a project team and one of the first few questions I will ask the team members is – ‘what is success on this project?’ They will say something like -‘finishing as quickly as possible and getting paid.’ The next question is ‘what does satisfaction look like?’ They might say […]

Kindness is Integration Made Visible

I was listening to Catholic radio in Dallas today and there was a show on ‘acts of kindness’. The title of this blog entry came from something said on that show. Most people desire an integrated team. A team that works together seamlessly. The opposite is a disintegration. A way to test integration or the […]

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