Here’s what I think – there’s always a gap between where we are as a person and where we want to be.

Here’s what I think. What do you think? Here’s what I think – there’s always a gap between where we are as a person and where we want to be. If you can define that gap, you can bridge it and achieve your best self. It’s the same with organizations. There’s 3 types of leaders […]

Capitalism is Better for the Poor Than Socialism

“Capitalism is better for the poor than socialism. Proof is their migration from socialist countries to capitalist ones.” – M. Novak I looked-up some statistics and the U.S. has welcomed 4 times more immigrants than the next closest country for the last 30 years. I would add that capitalism is better than socialism for the […]

Selfish, Good Intentions, Struggling or Leader?

From a client meeting this morning – yes, at 7 a.m. on a Monday, I have a nugget to share. Which one of these types of people is the most pervasive in the leadership roles of organizations? Someone who is selfish and does not grow their people because they do not want to lose them. […]

an example of winning hearts as well as minds so teams can be more productive with their hands

This is just a small, ‘turn of the dial’ – asking folks ‘why’ and it works. Do you do something that wins hearts effectively?

Collaboration Admirer or Model?

I believe most folks could check the collaboration ‘admirer‘ box. An admirer is someone who publicly supports collaboration and will even share that it is high on their organization’s list. How is being a collaboration ‘model‘ different? It’s rewarding collaboration and training to collaborate effectively. I read an article on collaboration in organizations recently that […]

Collaboration Curve vs. Learning Curve

Here is an article I posted on the Collaboration Academy Linked-In group page from the Harvard Business Review that makes you think – The posts I make on the Linked-In group page are focused on organizational collaboration, while the posts I make on my blog focus on learning to personally collaborate effectively…

Collaboration Doesn’t Happen with a ‘Bang’

Creating new habits takes time, even when you know it is a good idea. A year ago we bought a new Honda minivan and it came with a ‘cool box’ to keep items refrigerated when traveling. A year later, we’ve just noticed that we finally have the hang of intentionally using it during our trip […]

(Grandson of) List of Collaboration Business Applications

Here’s number 3 of 3 lists. Enjoy! Use the strengths-based collaboration tools and language from Gallup, Core Clarity and Cima to activate the ‘crucial conversations’ that need to happen in a functional organization Create team ground rules and rules of engagement  Use collaboration games (talent pictionary, silent squares, etc…) to build trust

(Son of) List of Collaboration Business Applications

Here are collaboration business applications 6-10, 11-17 to come… maximize the value each team member delivers by enabling them to broaden their role horizontally based on talents in addition to the traditional, vertical, job-title promotion route refresh the traditional way new projects are pursued and delivered change the culture from a ‘command and control’ style […]

List of Collaboration Business Applications

Lists seem to be popular, so here it goes: running meetings resume refresh/job description language/hiring process team creation re-position a team member that’s not in the best role performance reviews