Here’s Some Drano for Behaviors that Clog Collaboration

Great tool and case study for ‘how’ to increase collaboration – . What are the roadblocks to using this tool in your organization? What tools have you seen that work?  

Skillfully Using Your Talents To Collaborate Effectively – Exercise #6 of 25+

Smooth Interruptions Interrupting someone gracefully is always challenging. People don’t like to be interrupted and they don’t like interrupters. Here are a few ‘word tools’ that work every time. 1.     ‘Excuse me for interrupting, but you sparked an idea…’ 2.     ‘Excuse me, did you say… (repeat back what they just said), […]

This Has Nothing to do with Collaboration… Or Does it?

This should be required reading for non-Muslims and Muslims alike. Very well done…. From the Wall Street Journal today –  

Guard Against the ‘Collaboration of Ease’

If you ask, who, in their own minds, doesn’t think they’re collaborative? The question is not worth the breath needed to ask it. Here is the thinking behind ‘collaboration of ease’ that lulls us into thinking we are… Collaboration of ease – ‘ I collaborate when I can and I’m ok as long as no […]

How is God Working in Your Life?

All of us have the potential to be saints. This should be our goal. Start building who God wants you to be. There is an AM/PM exercise I suggest for establishing new habits. You set a goal for the formation of a new habit first thing in the morning and you reflect on how well […]

Ask for Feedback to Check for Understanding

The Client Feedback Tool is the listening channel to create conversations and strengthen relationships. Check it out at .  

Common Sense and Uncommon Leadership

Keep your ego in-check, and stay sensitive to other’s needs. Surround yourself with people that are better than you in certain areas.

Establishing Rhythms are Key to Collaboration Growth & Measurement

People resonate with rhythms. Sorry, I couldn’t resist… What is a rhythm? In business, it’s a confident feeling created by a group of habits called a routine and the routine is repeated frequently enough to track on a work calendar. A business rhythm could be created by a Monday morning business development meeting. The routine […]

The 8th ‘Waste’ in LEAN is Wasted Talent

LEAN is the set of principles used to remove waste from work processes first created by Toyota in the manufacturing of automobiles. LEAN suggests there are ‘7 wastes’ and recently an 8th waste to remove from work processes. It is the ‘waste of talent’ or non-utilized talent, knowledge and skill. An example of wasted talent […]

Traits of a Transformational Leader

I was at the Lean Construction Conference last week in San Francisco and this topic came-up. When it comes to creating a culture of effective collaboration, use this definition of transformation and develop these traits… Transformational Leadership is leading an organization in a direction e.g. ‘we’re going this way!’. Traits: – resilience – prepared for […]