I learned from Ryan Suydam at Client Savvy how to turn a survey question into quick action, every time. You don’t just ask a question i.e. on a scale from 1-5, how do you rate your job satisfaction? You create a gap analysis.

Most CEO’s I meet, survey from time to time, using a 1-5 scale, and struggle to do anything that improves their team’s satisfaction scores. Let’s say you average a ‘3’. How do you take action? Most CEO’s can’t and so they don’t. What’s the point?

What if you ask the same question, using a scale from 1-7, with ‘4’ being acceptable? SOMETHING CAUSES THEM TO SCORE YOU HIGHER OR LOWER than a ‘4’, and a gap analysis is created. It’s a subtle difference that helps you access a conversation and makes it easier to identify one action to close the gap between your score and a ‘7’.

Report your results here and share ‘why’ you think this works or contact me direct if you want to work on this…

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