I recently read an article by Henry DeVries on 2020 Marketing Trends and here is the second of my two opinions on these trends.

Clients want 1. you as a leader with high integrity and 2. YOUR clients to help them be great.


Clients crave community with those that share common ground…

How do you act on this desire?

  • Demonstrate that you have a system built around your product or service to help clients be great.

For example, this morning a client finished the Significant Leadership Program and I invited them into the system I’ve built, to support being a great man or woman.

The system consists of education and relationship building opportunities on the unique, common ground my clients share – catalyzing unselfish leaders to be great men and women.

Specifically, I invited the client in this example to participate in a relationship building opportunity, a bi-annual workshop with my other clients.

Clients crave community with those that share common ground… and a peer group opportunity with your other clients is a proven way to act on this desire.

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