Creating new habits takes time, even when you know it is a good idea.

A year ago we bought a new Honda minivan and it came with a ‘cool box’ to keep items refrigerated when traveling. A year later, we’ve just noticed that we finally have the hang of intentionally using it during our trip to Canada from Texas. When we first started using the van last year, we would either forget to use the cool box or bring a traditional cooler out of (old) habit.

It’s the same with creating new collaborative habits. Expecting collaborative behavior to ‘just happen’ isn’t fair on those involved. It takes time (a year or more) and you have to measure progress by capturing stories of how things used to be and how they are today in order to jog team members’ memories. You have to jog memories for team members to recognize progress.

‘Glacial movement’ of behavior change over a year or more is hard for people to remember. We have to anticipate this phenomena and measure to keep moving collaboration forward and sustain it.

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