View #1 – We Don’t Need Perfection, Only Success AND Satisfaction.

The residential construction market in Dallas is strong today. Most capable contractors have as much work as they can possibly handle. Also, I’m not a serial builder like a hospital or a commercial building developer. I’m renovating and adding-on to a home. Everyone knows this is a one time deal…

I obviously have no leverage and I have one shot to meet with the potential team members before they decide to be a part of this project team or back-out because they’re too busy.

At the first project team meeting we discussed one thing – the difference between project success and project satisfaction. Success = money – and they can get that from the other 20 projects they’re working on. Our project was going to focus on satisfaction or how the project makes you feel.


I know helping clients answer the question ‘what would life be like if all my teams collaborated effectively?’ and showing them how to win hearts helps teams work better together.

What I was reminded of though at the first project team meeting is that ‘what’ and ‘how’ is secondary… I needed to remember to spend most of my time thinking about the context the team works in which is – ‘I get paid by the piece. I just want my job ready to go so I can get in and out as quickly as possible’.

Also, understand what’s important to them – ‘being wanted on the next project’.

Knowing these two things helped us draw-out ‘why’ they should learn to collaborate effectively as a project team even though we all think we already do…

Every few weeks we’re introducing a new collaboration tool to the project team and when there is push back, the project team is reminded ‘why’ – to increase project satisfaction…


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