My oldest child is entering her sophomore year in high school and she’s on the golf team. I realize that I don’t have too many opportunities left to spend large chunks of time with her before she ventures-out to create a life of her own. I’ve decided to take some golf lessons to create opportunities to spend several hours at a time to just be together and talk on the golf course while playing 9 holes.

Something that the instructor said struck me during one of my first lessons – ‘focus on making a perfect effort on your swing. Don’t worry about hitting the ball.’

I feel the same applies to collaboration. If we make a perfect effort, we don’t have to produce perfect results to successfully achieve collaboration.

A client of mine opened-up regular dialogue with the administrative team members in his organization to increase communication. Some viewed this as a ‘no-win’ situation. ‘All they’ll do is complain and make unreasonable requests’…. While the early results are mixed, the fact that my client has started a rhythm of regular dialogue is evidence of a perfect effort. I feel others appreciate a perfect effort and don’t expect perfection. This will lead to collaboration.

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