You’ve probably heard the term ‘master builder’. This role existed until about 100 years ago.

The era of the master builder was characterized by integrated construction projects. The quality was great, the cost was low and there were no lawsuits.

Today, that era is slowly returning with the help of increasing knowledge of how to collaborate more. The investment in increasing knowledge is being driven by the understanding that more project value  is created when both success (money) and satisfaction (how the experience of working on the project makes the team members feel) are a priority.

100 years ago, project team members had to develop collaborative skills & behaviors because more work was done face to face. Also, there was less to know about how to construct a building. It was a simpler time. There was high project satisfaction, value for money and certainty. Today less is done face to face because of technology. Also, there is significantly more to know about how to construct a building. It’s a more complex time.


In order to return to great quality, low cost and no lawsuits, learning to collaborate more is key.


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