I recently read a Linked-In post on how to earn trust by a healthcare executive, Kyle Majchrowski, through his experience hiring contractors for construction projects through a competitive proposal and interview process.

During this process, everyone shares their success stories to earn trust, to win the project, and it works, unless everyone else shares their success stories as well – which they do. Well, what do you do then? How do you earn more trust than everyone else? 

What if someone you were considering working with 1. shared a mistake they made, 2. what they learned from it and 3. how they perform better now because of it?

Sould they earn more trust? Why?

Yes. Why? I suggest leadership is always in short supply. Always has, always will be… Leaders show their humanity (humility), which means sharing mistakes. Humility is a virtue. Virtue means strength. Ironically, admitting mistakes (weakness) increases strength and a byproduct of strength is trust. Without virtue, trust doesn’t exist.

What are virtues or habits you practice to earn trust?

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