When I was a younger professional, a more experienced colleague once heard me use the phrase ‘NO PROBLEM’ in response to another colleague thanking me for staying up half the night to finish a project for them.

She suggested I avoid using those words because it devalued my time and talent. Instead, she suggested, I should simply reply – ‘YOU’RE WELCOME’.  It honors your integrity

Ditch using the phrase ‘no problem’ because it’s out of integrity. We all believe we have value. Well, your time and talent is part of WHO you are and it has value.

Having integrity means being whole, not divided.

In this case, WHAT I BELIEVED (I have value) and WHAT I SAID (‘no problem’, or in other words, ‘my time and talent have no value’) WERE OUT OF INTEGRITY.

Others are attracted to and want to work with people of high integrity….


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