I believe achieving your best self matters because we want happiness. Happiness, in my opinion, is a result of achieving our best- self, it’s not something you pursue.

So how does achieving your best-self occur? THAT’S the big question…

I believe SERVING OUR PURPOSE IN LIFE AND BUILDING CHARACTER is how our best-self occurs. In my opinion, most of us are familiar with the idea of serving our purpose and can buy-in to a by-product being happiness.

What was unfamiliar to me until recently was the character part. Why are we also here to build character? Well, THE STRONGER OUR CHARACTER IS, THE BETTER WE CAN SERVE OUR PURPOSE. How? So, we pick a personal improvement we want to make like improving our tennis game and attach it to practicing a human virtue. In Latin, virtue means ‘strength’ and we practice them to build character which is bigger than just improving our tennis game (although our game will also improve).

This process is working for me and the best way to improve it is to put it out there for others to scrutinize and improve it for the benefit of all of us.

How do you think achieving our best-self occurs? Let’s volley some ideas back and forth. Sorry, I couldn’t help it….

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