How much time do we spend DAILY changing ourselves for the better so that we can change the world for the better?

The hardest thing to do is change ourselves.

An example of changing ourselves is paying attention to the connection (or lack thereof) we have with others – to interact with them successfully…

How do we do that? Personally, I’ve let-go of initially sharing my own ideals and technical language and instead, build a connection first, by being vulnerable.

Vulnerable means sharing our own experience (especially mistakes), and then, in simple language, sharing our ideals we’ve adopted from that experience and why.

How do we find the best opportunities to change ourselves? We build a feedback loop and accountability for changing ourselves with the help of others.

DO NOT use 360s or surveys that are inherently bias, vague and open to misinterpretation.

We should spend 60 minutes per day changing ourselves for the better to change the world for the better. If we’re REALLY busy, then 90 per day minutes is necessary….

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