This is the quality growth process visual. The reason organizations fail to achieve quality growth is because they fail to capture who they are and capitalize on it.

How do you do that? Moving backwards, from right to left, everyone wants quality growth and has a strategy to achieve it.

Before strategy though comes culture.

If you don’t know who you are or your identity, you don’t have a culture so you need to start with capturing your identity at the far left of the visual. There are 8 questions that capture your identity and here are the key 3:

  • your BIG WHY or how you serve others,
  • your mission, which is how you reach your BIG WHY, and
  • your principles, which are truths you use to make decisions

Then, moving forwards, from left to right, after you capture your identity, you work on implementing your culture by modeling your identity which propels the implementation of your strategy to more successfully achieve quality growth.

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