I had a conversation with a friend today about this dilemma.  

How do you move an important relationship forward when you’ve been wronged and the other person doesn’t realize it or thinks you’ve wronged them?

Here’s more detail: 

    • They haven’t reached-out and are probably not going to reach-out to you….
    • The relationship is necessary, valued and is in everyone’s best interest… For example, a family relationship or a long-term business relationship…
    • The other person is not especially skilled at healing relationships…

Do you ignore them indefinitely? Do you reconnect with them and pretend nothing ever happened? Do you risk another conflict by telling them how wrong they are? 

What do you do? Here are a few ideas:

    • Ask the other person if the two of you can “start over.”
    • Make a request to avoid a similar situation again by discussing each others’ behavior and what you both need to avoid.
    • Avoid getting personal, focus on changing the behavior, not the person. 

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