During the depression, the New Deal created public work projects to put people to work. Why? Work is important. Work gives people meaning. Many of the public work projects involved hard labor. What most laborers did was do their time and go home. It is what I call the minimum.

What is the maximum? Spiritual employment. Spiritual employment is when you do your work in mind and spirit.

We’ve all met that laborer that does the maximum. Whether it’s someone that shines shoes like Mr. Albert at the Houston Hobby airport near gate 40 that always has a smile and does EXCELLENT work (his shoe shines are the best and most entertaining in Texas) or the TSA agent that checks your boarding pass at Love Field and uses endearing language like ‘darling’ to greet you.

These laborers are memorable. So what type of employment do you want? The minimum or maximum? Gainful employment or gainful and spiritual?

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