If you ask, who, in their own minds, doesn’t think they’re collaborative? The question is not worth the breath needed to ask it.

Here is the thinking behind ‘collaboration of ease’ that lulls us into thinking we are…

Collaboration of ease – ‘ I collaborate when I can and I’m ok as long as no one disturbs me with stressful things. I think about collaborating more, I read books and talk about the importance of collaboration…’

This is lukewarm collaboration. We’re putting on appearances is what we’re doing. The spirit of collaboration is actually dead in us.

You may be thinking, ‘I work on a good team, others don’t characterize me as not being collaborative!’

Are you collaborative at heart? I believe we are. Are we always collaborative in action? No. This is where we have to relieve the tension between who we are under stress and our collaborative selves.

TO make the spirit of collaboration alive in us, we have to stretch and when it is uncomfortable or frustrating, the spirit of collaboration is alive in us!

I drew these ideas from a recent article on Pope Francis titled “Spirituality of Ease’.

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