Here’s what I think. What do you think?

Here’s what I think – there’s always a gap between where we are as a person and where we want to be. If you can define that gap, you can bridge it and achieve your best self. It’s the same with organizations.

There’s 3 types of leaders that are up to bridging the gap 1. leaders in crisis or 2. with an urgent goal or 3. the rare leader that’s a personal development junkie. I think this group is 10% of leaders in total.

What do you think? Why is this topic important? What are the obstacles to bridging your gap? What works in bridging the gap?

You can find answers with me, a CEO using authentic leadership in his business and those he invests in as well as an intimate group of your colleagues at the hybrid ‘live’ and virtual Introduction to Authentic Leadership breakfast. #authenticleadership

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