I’m part of a men’s group focused on being better men.

The discussion topics focus on ‘what works’ to be better.

What are the topics?

How to remove obstacles to being better spouses, parents, business colleagues, friends, community members, and spirit-filled people.

Regardless of topic, the number one obstacle is our phones…

Here is the list of ‘what works’ we’ve come up with so far to remove this obstacle:

– when adults or kids come into your home to visit, their phone goes into a basket until they leave.
– re-activate your home phone line and use it.
– use a computer to do everything on it you can to minimize phone usage.
– Use your phone as an answering machine.
– parents keep their kids’ phones in their room after 10 pm.

We’re not claiming to be right. We just want to get better.

I’m interested to know if you feel the same and what you know works to minimize phone use.

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