My wife and I have 5 children – the oldest is a college freshman and the youngest in 4th grade.

Recently, someone asked me if I thought we’re raising our children well. Using borrowed wisdom, my reply was ‘I’ll let you know when I see how great our grandchildren become’.

What’s the point of this borrowed wisdom? WHETHER LEADING YOUR HOME OR WORK FAMILY, your measure as a leader is not how great your direct reports become, but how great their direct reports become. THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT LEADER.

Why? CONTINUITY. It’s evidence your direct reports understand you’ve raised them to be great and that their measure as a leader is to do what you’ve done.

What’s an example? Herb Kelleher, who recently passed away hasn’t lead Southwest Airlines for 20 years and it hasn’t skipped a beat. He’s a leader. On the other hand, Jack Welch hasn’t been away that long and look what’s happened to GE. He’s not a leader. Why? NO CONTINUITY….


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