How to Build Character (you’re not born with it)

How do you react when something not only doesn’t go your way, it makes no sense or seems unjust or unbelievable to you?

Several of my kids have experienced disappointments recently – one in college and one in boy scouts. As a parent I hurt for them and was frustrated.

There’s 2 things to remember:

1. In these instances, obviously God has a different plan and ours doesn’t match his.
2. Sometimes we’re focused on a goal and build too much of our self-worth on achieving it. We have to remember we’re much more than what we accomplish in our college life or boy scouts or any other single domain of our lives.

Our children are sons/daughters, brothers/sisters, students, friends, community members and spiritual. It’s important to remind them and ourselves to be excellent in all domains of our life and when things don’t go our way, our PRIDE (lack of character) doesn’t affect us.

Instead, the character we show when things don’t go our way affects us and others. That’s how character is built.

This is a habit of a significant leader. Here’s how to become one.

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