Most organizations talk about the importance of developing their people, but they have little or nothing on paper that systematizes this process. In addition, there is no recognizable, specific outcome they are looking to achieve. They are defensive minded. An example of a defensive minded move is sending someone to a government mandated training to avoid a fine or sending someone to a seminar just because they ask. An offensive move is doing something you do not have to do. An example would be clarifying what an ideal team member looks like and delivering the professional development opportunities needed by your team members to reach that ideal.

The most successful firms address the following in regards to professional development:

  • They create tangible proof of why their team members are the best and use it to compete for the best projects as well as attract new talent.
  • They align and energize current professional development programming as well as clarify a professional development path for team members to travel.
  • They give team members a better sense of where they stand and what they need to do to increase their chance of advancement in their careers.
  • They develop people faster.

Moving from defense to offense with professional development will increase your ability to earn more business with your current clients. This in turn will lower your cost of delivery, ease your ability to raise your prices and help you attract new clients with less effort.

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