A colleague of mine has an index card standing-up next to his computer. He wrote a goal on it six months ago and he still hasn’t made any progress toward accomplishing the goal. This is someone I’d consider a motivated person. So, what prevents a motivated person from tackling an important goal? Maybe he needs to back-up and create some “traction”.

Similar to driving up a slippery hill, he needs to move in reverse until he feels his tires grip the road. Then he would have a better chance of gaining the momentum necessary to reach the top of the hill. He would reach his goal and be able to travel down the backside of the hill and enjoy the feeling and benefit of
achieving the goal.

Next time you feel frustrated, get “unstuck” by working backwards step-by-step from the goal and figuring out what needs to be done in order to reach the goal (e.g. My goal is to produce a finished position paper like this one. Before I produce a position paper, I need to create a draft, before I create a draft I need to generate an outline, before I generate an outline I need to decide on an idea…).

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