Many of us have reduced our thinking to a rushed, opportunistic and linear activity.
Thinking today is driven by pressure for immediate action, and action unfortunately drives out thought. Our goal should be to avoid worrying about action and concentrate on a few insights. Then, act on the highest leverage opportunities (3-5 things that produce 80% of the results) to produce the best result with the least resources possible.

Focus on these three ways to fine-tune your thinking:
1. Reflection
2. Non-linearity
3. Planning

Reflection causes you to slow down and regain control over time. Reflection helps you act instead of react. We should be looking to minimize the number of hard work/low return situations through our investment in reflection. Who do you know that seems to work relatively little compared to the amount of success they are enjoying? Find someone who exemplifies this concept and think of them often.

Bright Idea – Think about how to apply this idea to your personal life as well. Linear thinking is popular because it is simple, cut and dry. A causes B. I am hungry so I need to eat. This team won the championship so they must be the best team. We need to change our thinking from linear to non-linear. Non-linear thinking relies on experience, introspection and imagination.

For example, if you are not happy, do not worry about the probable cause (linear thinking). Think about when you have been happy and put yourself in more of those situations (non-linear thinking). Think of planning as a series of races. You have to choose your races carefully. Most of the races we lose are the ones others want us to enter. Most of the races we win are the ones we enter ourselves. We only win a few of the races we enter because we enter too many of the wrong ones.

Finally, ideal thinking combines ambition and confidence with a relaxed manner. You cannot achieve insight without feeling relaxed and good about yourself. You cannot feel relaxed and good about yourself if you are rushed, opportunistic and think in a linear manner.

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