If you don’t have your team’s hearts or minds you won’t achieve results. (Sears?)

If you only have their hearts, you will achieve reckless results, which is unpredictable. (RadioShack?)

If you only have their minds, you will achieve spiritless results, which means you get the minimum from your team. (N. Korea?)

If you have both hearts and minds, you can achieve 100x ROI goals previously out of reach. (Southwest Airlines, Chick-fil-A, Apple . . . )

The key is learning how to win hearts…

One way to win hearts is creating the relationships you think you already have. If you’re not spending at least 30 minutes per month, one-on-one, with your top 3-5 team relationships, you don’t have the relationship you think you have with them. You don’t have their hearts.

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