People often ask this question –
“How do I move away from competing solely on price? My clients say there are other considerations, but at the end of the day I still feel my client picks the lowest bidder.”

What other value are you delivering that differentiates you from your competitors?

Speaking is one of the best ways you can do it. You can give back to the business community, reach potential clients and differentiate yourself from your competitors. Clients have a tangible example of how you are different, not just because you say you are. If you are speaking on subjects that are important to your clients, they will see your value.

On another note, while you cannot join every professional, social or philanthropic organization you would like to, speaking is the next best thing you can offer a group besides your membership. Instead of only touching the 2-3 groups that you are a member of, you can touch more by speaking to 6-7 others. All of a sudden you have a legitimate network of 8-10 groups that know you and know how you think! Furthermore, these people assume you are speaking because you are an expert on the topic. You are now viewed as an expert!

Bright Idea:

1. Find out which professional associations your clients belong to and target those organizations first.

2. Second, target professional associations that serve prospective clients.

3. Third, target social and philanthropic organizations that would allow you the opportunity to be collegial with prospective clients in a non-business environment such as an industry philanthropy or awards program.

Darren has more great ideas for Finding Speaking Opportunities. Stay tuned!

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