A few days ago that famous commercial from the 80’s popped in my head. I could picture someone with the palm of their open hand, slapped against their forehead, while saying, ‘I could’ve had a V-8’.

The commercial popped in my head because I had just read something that reminded me that I don’t spend much time at all reflecting on ‘where I came from’ or my history. I spend almost all of my reflection time on ‘where I’m at and want to go’.

While your past doesn’t determine your future, in my opinion, reflecting on it can help you learn and make a better future.

Example – I’ve started a foundation with a group of folks and reflected on what has not gone well in the past for me when starting something new with others – competing for too much control. If I hadn’t reflected on where I came from, it was probably going to be a hinderance again.

Is it just me, or are there others out there who feel the same?

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