I’m working with a healthcare organization in a high-stakes game. They’ve invested years of their lives in education, have worked long hours, own facilities, and have many, well-paid people. They’ve ‘made it’, but how they attract patients, get paid, and fit in the market is influx.

If you’re this organization, and having a 1-day leadership retreat, what’s the most important result you should achieve?

My suggestion is to first confirm WHO the organization is, and then decide on a goal that would help it be WHO it is with excellence.

WHO incorporates 2 questions – WHAT & WHY?  WHAT we’re doing, or performance and  WHY we’re doing it or identity.

Finally, if we have these 3 components in-place – our WHO, WHAT & WHY, we can move to the last question – HOW?  HOW manifests WHO we are.

Unfortunately, at many leadership retreats, the organization will just make a list of topics and discuss HOW.

You can’t achieve your best results, without knowing WHO you are first. When you know, you’ll never be disappointed with your results.


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