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Johnny isn’t a bad kid… At least he doesn’t do drugs!

What does this mean? This is classic justification for not being what all of us are called to be – our best. Our best is using our talents to play our role in the world as well as dutifully bearing the burdens that are given to us that we are made to handle through the use of our talents. In other words, learning about our talents and practicing using them propels us towards collaboration.

Huh? Please read on…

Is Johnny being held to this standard? The short answer? No. Johnny’s standard, if you will, is to avoid contributing a ‘net negative’. This isn’t exactly reaching higher to be his best.

Reaching Higher to be Our Best at Work Propels Us Towards Collaboration

In adulthood, working in an organization, it’s the same story. John is a nice guy… At least he doesn’t disrupt the status quo!

What does this mean? This is classic justification for not being our best at work. In other words, contributing a ‘net positive’ or being a ‘profitable’ member of an organization by using our talents and bearing our burdens.

How do you reach higher? After learning what your talents are – you begin to learn and practice using them to become your best. How do you do that? You find roles to manifest your talents in both your professional and volunteer work. Also, use your talents more skillfully to bear your burdens. Both of these roads help you become your best and paves the way to be characterized as collaborative.

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