Why does ‘falling forward’ matter? It matters because you were born for a reason and you were born to be great and form greatness in others.

Even when you fail, you must ‘fall forward’ (be introspective, learn and apply it), towards what you were born to BE and DO. Otherwise, you’ll never make it to great.

This is easy to say, right? Yes, especially after watching an inspirational Denzel Washington video… So, how do you do it?

Listen, you were born with what you need to be great – the temperament, talents, and ability to connect with others.

What’s missing? STRENGTH OF CHARACTER. You’re not born with it and you only build strength in the small number of instances each day when you fail and choose to ‘fall forward’ towards what you were born to BE and DO and do better next time.

As your character strengthens, you’re more successful as a spouse, parent, business colleague, friend, and community member. You were born to be great as a human BEING while DOING what you were born to do ALL THE TIME.

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