Why is it, that we give great, usable feedback (I think) and don’t ask for it enough ourselves?

This week I received some feedback from a colleague on messaging for the authenticleadershipfoundation.org I recently formed with a group of colleagues.

After making changes using their feedback, I thought to myself, how come I haven’t asked them before?

I think the answer goes back to something I believe – you can’t get to your best self, by yourself, but ironically or moronically, I try anyway. What’s that mean? When I don’t include others, I’m getting in my own way and settle for a good result and miss-out on the chance for a great one.

What can we do to get help and stay out of our own way? Something I’m doing is looking for ever more specific ways to include others as well as stay ever more focused on the few, specific things I do best.

What’s an example? While I help clients with strategy, 1. I’m giving attribution to a client’s approach to the operational part of strategy this morning in a meeting and 2. using it instead of mine because it’s what’s best for this specific project. Ironic or moronic? What’s the ripple-effect of doing this?

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