I had a conversation with my family about character a few weeks ago and one of my kids used the phrase ‘bad character’.

I struggle with how to explain that, in my opinion, there is no such thing as bad character because character can only be good. Why? Because I feel people are good by default. What do you think?

What IS character really? I feel it’s a muscle and the muscle fibers are virtues. You practice virtues to build the muscle fibers and stronger muscles.

So, is there really good or bad character? If so, then is there such a thing as good or bad muscle? I can’t think of any bad muscle. What if we thought in terms of strong and weak muscle? This makes more sense to me.

If we went with the idea of strong or weak character, then people with ‘bad character’ don’t have strong enough character to avoid bad decisions right? If so, then there’s really no such thing as bad character, just a lack of it.

What do you think? Is describing character as a muscle facilitate a conversation to understand character and take action? Do you have an additional idea?

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