How many times have you seen the Christmas classic, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ with Jimmy Stewart playing the main character – George Bailey?

Why does this movie endure?…

IT’S A WAKE-UP CALL. It’s a call to excellence.

A result of achieving excellence is being happy today, at this moment and every moment thereafter.

Excellence? You’ve heard about excellence your whole life, but have you defined it for yourself and executed on it or do you constantly chase excellence undefined?

As I write to you today, December 9th, while looking forward to watching this movie yet again, ponder how to define excellence for yourself and execute on it:

1. Capture who you are on paper and relentlessly close the gap between your perceived self and your real self. Ask for feedback from those who care and are truth-tellers. Create a strategic plan for your life like you do your business. Measure performance in all pillars of your life like you do your business life (performance as a spouse, parent, friend, community member, and spirituality).

2. Keep your eyes-up at all times.

3. Pause before speaking.

4. Be joyful. Joy comes from using your time, talent, and resources for others, not for yourself.

5. Love. You love by drawing-out the talents in others and giving them the space to be excellent.

5. Understand. Start a new habit – collect questions and ask great questions.

6. Be magnanimous. Have urgency, be introspective, and achieve great things daily because you should in ALL pillars of your life or you can’t achieve excellence.

Use the movie as a mental model. BTW – I would rename the movie – ‘It’s an EXCELLENT Life’….

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