Mark Twain once said; “history doesn’t repeat itself, but it sure does seem to rhyme a lot.”

We’ve all seen the great player that fails spectacularly as a coach or the ultimate assistant coach that is elevated to incompetency as a head coach.
Just because someone is technically competent and/or has been with your organization for 25 years, doesn’t mean they should be the next CEO by default. 
There is no substitute for looking at someone’s entire body of work (multiple data points), not just one or even two things. For example, what about assessing someone’s emotional skill or cognitive ability?
In football, teams use different formations to disguise their weaknesses. People do the same thing don’t they? 
Lastly, in the 1500’s, the captains of ships sailing the world’s seas used a sextant and the stars to determine their position. Captains would triangulate their position using not one, not two, but three data points.  
Unless you’re a rap star, why risk making a bad rhyme? 

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