There is a CRAVING for leaders with high integrity…

I watched a clip from a movie called Margin Call (about the 2008 financial crisis, link to clip is in comments section below) and it’s a great example of duplicity.

Duplicity is the opposite of integrity. Duplicity is believing you have integrity while doing the opposite. You’re leading a double life for all to see.

In the Margin Call example, the leader states to a room full of executives that there’s 3 ways to make a living on Wall Street – 1. be the smartest, 2. cheat, or 3. be the fastest.

He goes on to claim that he’s not the smartest or a CHEATER, so he has to be the fastest. In the next breath, he suggests that the executives should dump all of their CMBS assets (collateralized mortgage backed securities) they have FAST, which would sink the stock market and torch their client relationships in an effort to save their firm – but the leader isn’t a cheater???

Most of us would REACT the same as the leader, but it doesn’t mean we have to ACT either. After watching the clip, how could you act AND keep your integrity in this example?

Be excellent!

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