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Even considering the weak economy, there are organizations out there making a lot of money. These organizations have mastered one principle from a 100 year-old book. This book has sold more copies than any book in history except for the Bible. It is Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Chapter three of Carnegie’s book is by far the longest. Most people don’t notice this detail. It’s the longest chapter because it contains the most powerful principle in the book. The principle I’m referring to is helping another person see that what you want helps them get what they want. While I saw the value of what Carnegie was pointing-out, I could never really grasp it in my mind, or for that matter, convert it into action. It was for me (as for many others) too abstract. This most basic principle of getting along in life was something I could not consciously & effectively put into practice with skill.

I knew what the principle was and I was attracted to it. I knew why the principle was important to me – I wanted to win more “yeses.” My problem was the how. What did the principle look like in practice? I now know the answer. First, I’d like to share an anecdote. After reading chapter 3 in Carnegie’s book, I first practiced keeping my focus on my clients so I could figure out what they wanted, but the challenge was overcoming my impulse (all day, everyday) to slide backwards into thinking about what I wanted them to do. I just needed a tool to “gird me” and thus help me stay focused on others. This one tool is mastering the “Art of Questioning.”

Few are born masters. Most must achieve mastery through practice. Think about it. When you talk, the focus is on your and you only hear what you already know. When the other person talks (to answer your question), the focus is on them. By listening to them you may learn something you didn’t know and it could be a “game changer.” It could shed light on the “target,” (what the other person wants) and you could help the other person see how what you want helps them get what they want. For the next month, make a conscious effort to ask more questions, make fewer statements and observe what happens. The closer you can move towards a 50/50 ratio of questions to statements, the more effective you will be. Also, notice what questions work better for you and why.

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