I spoke with a CEO of a global company in Asia last night that has invested in becoming a certified executive coach himself. He’s the first CEO I’ve met with coaching credentials…

After our meeting, here’s what came to mind: 1. even someone invested in helping his team members become their best selves like this CEO, admittedly, still lacks clarity on what his best self is. 2. How do I show him how to help himself and then, help team members become interested in achieving clarity on their best self?

I suggested, to gain more clarity, he increase the specificity of his purpose statement using language from temperamentquiz.com and gallupstrengthscenter.com. Why? You were born with a specific temperament and certain strengths to serve your purpose. They’re part of your biology. They are sign posts to help you gain clarity on your purpose on the road to your best self.

Achieving your best self is what authentic leadership is for you. What do you think?

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