Moving From ‘Little Picture to Big Picture’ for Growth

Moving from ‘little picture to big picture’ for growth can be made by simply changing your ‘why’ for growth.

What do you do to change your ‘why’ and move from ‘little picture to big picture’? You change ‘why’ you practice a technique to improve your skill. In the ‘little picture’, when I played soccer, I remember a time I practiced passing more and dribbling less.

The ‘why’, in the ‘little picture’ was practicing a technique to be a more skilled player. While doing that improved my play, it didn’t improve ‘me’ in the big picture. In other words, I didn’t grow as a person.

This is where you move to ‘big picture’. Instead of practicing to be a more skilled player, I practiced passing more as a way to practice the virtue of prudence, which builds character and improves ‘me’ in the process.

A big picture person practices a technique, a process or a new skill with a bigger ‘why’ than before, which is to practice a related virtue to build character and sustain it. Taking a big picture approach to growth improves ‘me’ personally, not just technically.

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