Have you ever seen a mustard seed? You can buy them in the spice section of a grocery store and they’re about the size of a pinhead.

If you were to plant one, it would grow to the size of a bush as large as a tree – tall enough for birds to make their nests there.

Our days consist of many potential mustard seed moments – every thought, action, and interaction with others, however small, has potential for a large result.

A mustard seed moment is creating a WOW moment with one of our thoughts, actions or interactions instead of doing what we normally do.

It’s doing something small with intentionally more effort that creates a large result. For example, in the past, I would have received a jury summons in the mail and would have started to plot how I would avoid it which is a normal reaction.

How could I create a WOW moment when I report for jury duty? What if I started BEFORE I went by using the topic to have a quality conversation with my children about the importance and implications of jury duty to help them build character?

What other actions could you take to build on this example of a mustard seed moment (to achieve excellence)?

Instead of just reading this post, respond with a comment and help build a model we could all use.

Make this post a mustard seed moment for all of us….

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